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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master 30th Anniversary

Two days ago, we had a very special screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream was the 30th Anniversary!!! The screening was held at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood. So many wonderful people showed up for the event. First off, my good friend, Mikey, who I thought was in Seattle, changed his flight and decided to surprise me with his wonderful presence!

As I walked in to the Theater, I spotted Lisa Wilcox, also from the film, so I went over to greet her when someone jumped from of me as I gasped and realized it was Mikey and I was pleasantly shocked out of my mind!

How amazing that he came here to support me!

Sitting up in the VIP seats with my fellow castmates, I sipped a Coke and watch the people file in to fill all the was awesome! I looked down below and in the filled theater, I saw Renny Harlin, the Film's Director, along with Robert "Bob" Shaye. I was like "WOW" and wanted to run down and see Renny and so I did just that! I stepped right up to Renny and the first thing that he said to me was, "Tuesday, you haven't changed a bit, you still look the same!" I, of course, grabbed him and gave him a kiss and a hug, which felt so emotional and caring.

As we all sat down in our seats, the film started. I saw the New Line Cinema logo enter the frame and in the next breath, my song began to play. It sounded like it did the very first time I had seen the film. It was LOUD and EXCITING and I felt the thrill of having my song being placed in the title position once again. It was very emotional for me, then the first scene and then the next filled the room with that magical feeling only an artist knows!!!

It came to the end of the film and everyone clapped and shouted their woo-hoos and we all felt a strong feeling of accomplishment! Wow, it was so great! I then heard Lisa say my name and asked me to go to the ladies room with her so we dance down the hall. We were both feeling so emotional about the evening, all of us coming together again after all these years! And with Renny!!!

It was time for us to all sit up on the stage for a Q and A session. Renny started out with a totally emotional speech followed by other cast mates following suit. I sat there almost star stuck by my own film! It was awesome!

Danny Hassel, Lisa Wilcox, Toy Newkirk, Rodney Eastman, Brooke Bundy, Brooke Theiss, Ken Sagoes and last, but certainly not least, Andras Jones. We all walked out to the lobby where all of the amazing fans were gathering around us. It was truly surreal and I tried to sign each and every one of their posters, pics and other memorabilia. Because where would we be without these wonderful and totally devoted fans?

After the show, Jordan and I skipped off into the night and we were so happy that we had this chance to be a part of this wonderful event!

Rock on Nightmare on Elm Street 4! We love you!!!

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