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About Tuesday

Tuesday Lynn Knight (born February 17, 1969) is an American actress. The daughter of composer Baker Knight, she is perhaps best remembered for her role as Kristen Parker in the 1988 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Tuesday also recorded the song "Nightmare" used during the film's opening credits. She appears as herself in the 1994 Wes Craven film Wes Craven's New Nightmare as well as the 2010 film Sex and the City 2.  Tuesday is currently now filming The Bloody Man with Nightmare 4 co-star Lisa Wilcox and this will be the first time they are together in a film since 1988.  



Mod Squad (TV Series) (Concerned Child) - 1963

      - The Connection

Fame (TV Series) (Suzi Detroit) - 1984

      - The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas

General Hospital (TV Series) (Val) - 1987

The Facts of Life (TV Series) (Amy) - 1988

      - Let's Face The Music

Promised a Miracle (TV Movie) (Roberta Palmer) - 1988

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Kristen Parker) - 1988

The Preppie Murder (TV Movie) (Shawn Kovell) - 1989

Teach 109 (TV Short) (Technician) - 1990  

Who Killed Baby Jesus? (Eve Cody) - 1992

The Prom (Girl on the Couch) - 1992

Mistress (Peggy) - 1992

Calendar Girl (Nude Woman/Marilyn Monroe) - 1993

Cover Story (Tracy/Reen) - 1993

Wes Craven's New Nightmare (Tuesday Knight) - 1994

Cool and the Crazy (TV Movie) (Brenda) - 1995

The Babysitter (Waitress) - 1995

Star Witness (TV Movie) (Anna) - 1995

Strike Back (Anna) - 1995

The Fan (Nurse) - 1996

The Hindsight (Karen) - 1996

The Cottonwood (Ruby) - 1996

Telling Lies in America (WHK Receptionist) - 1996

Brother (Prostitute) - 1997

Theory of the Leisure Class (Callie) - 2000

Daddy and Them (Billy Montgomery) - 2001

Sweet Underground (Frances) - 2001

Diamond Zero a.k.a. IceMaker (video title) (Lil) - 2004

Opening Night (Victoria Lawson) - 2005

Catch of the Day (Wednesday) - 2013

Delusional (Mia Miller) - 2013

A Tennis Shoe in the Street (Lynn Stevens) - 2014

How to Be Single (Actress/Uncredited) - 2015 

One Last Scare Short (911 Operator) - 2016

It Wants Blood! (Carol Fletcher) - 2017

Getting the Kinks Out (Daisy) - 2019                      

Cool as Hell 2 (Tuesday Knight) - 2019                  

Los Angeles November Short (Shawna) - 2019

Off the Cuff: Healthy Cooking with Craig Mitchell (TV Series) (Mrs. Paul) - 2019

       - Low Carb, Air Fried Salmon Cakes 

The Bloody Man (Post-Production) - 2019

The Rideshare Killer (Post-Production) (Julie Altimari) - 2020

Shriekshow Filming (Dr. Harris) - 2020

Back in the No Filming (Lian Sierakowski) - 2020

Dinner with Tess Pre-Production (Tess)

Camper Well Pre-Production (Nancy)

Pay Attention Announced (Courtney Smith)


In 1987, Knight appeared as Val on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She has also appeared in a number of television movies. Knight has made guest appearances various on TV series, including Fame (1984), The Facts of Life, Law & Order, and The X Files. She was also a series regular on the short-lived 1992 Aaron Spelling prime time soap opera 2000 Malibu Road.

Fame (Suzi Detroit, 1984; episode: "The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas")

General Hospital (Val, 1987)

The Facts of Life (Amy, 1988; episode: "Let's Face the Music")

Matlock (Abby Smith, 1989; episode: "The Starlet")

2000 Malibu Road (Joy Rule, 1992; series regular)

Law & Order (Candy, 1995; episode: "Humiliation")

Profiler (Morissa, 1996; episode: "I'll Be Watching You")

The X-Files (Jackie Gurwitch, 1999; episode: "Trevor")


In 1986, she appeared on the original demo for the production that would become Jekyll & Hyde for Frank Wildhorn.

After working on the Quiet Riot album "Metal Health" as backing vocals, Knight released a solo album Tuesday Knight in 1987 on Parc/CBS Records. It contained a cover version of Prince's "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" The album's sole single was called "Out of Control." Her second album Here it Comes Released in 2000, Had More Of a Commercial Success Than Her Previous attempt. In 1990 she sang the song "Ivory Tower" on the Mad About You soundtrack. In 1996, she sang a cover of The Police's song "Every Breath You Take" in an episode of the Profiler entitled "I'll Be Watching You". In 2001, Tuesday provided her voice for the song "If It Takes All Night" in the film The Theory of the Leisure Class. She later watched a performance by the David Bowie Tribute Band Space Oddity and joined them as Keyboardist and Backing vocals.

On September 17, 2012, Knight released Faith, an 18-track album featuring a collection of songs recorded over the past twenty-five years.

Her iconic cult classic song "Nightmare" is heard in the opening credits of 1988's A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The song was never released on the official soundtrack.

Currently, Knight is the lead singer in a Deborah Harry, Blondie tribute band named Rapture: The Blondie Tribute.

Jewelry Design

In 2000, Knight and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 co-star Lisa Wilcox founded the footwear jewelry company ToeBrights. Knight also has her own jewelry line "Tuesday's Hip Vintage". Her Victorian, Gothic and Egyptian-styled pieces have been worn by many celebrities including Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Kim Basinger and many others.

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